The Oculoplastics Department at BMEC treats adults and children with a large range of conditions affecting the eyelids and the surrounding area of the face, tear (lacrimal) drainage system and the eye socket (orbit).

Examples of referrals include:

  • Eyelid malpositions such as entropion (in-turning lid), ectropion (out-turning lid) and ptosis (droopy lids)
  • Eyelid lumps such as chalazia (meibomian cysts), papillomata (warty lesions) and sebaceous cysts
  • Eyelid cancers including BCC (basal cell carcinoma) and SCC (squamous cell carcinoma)
  • Facial palsy
  • Blepharospasm
  • Watery eyes from blocked tear ducts
  • Infections involving the eyelids or orbit
  • Trauma to the eyelids or tear drainage system
  • Orbital trauma including fractures
  • Thyroid Eye Disease


We offer a range of investigations including radiological assessment of the orbit and surrounding structures with ultrasonography, CT, MRI and scintillography (imaging of the tear drainage system); various haematologic, immunologic and biochemical investigations in relation to orbital diseases; histopathology to assist diagnosis of suspicious lesions and electrodiagnostic testing to assess the function of the optic nerve which can become compressed in certain orbital conditions.


We treat patients in a variety of ways depending on the specific condition. This can simply be drops & ointments, oral medication and advice about lid hygiene and diet. Treatment may also necessitate admission for intravenous medication such as antibiotics for orbital infections or steroids for active thyroid eye disease. We also provide a botox injection service for eyelid spasm and facial palsy. Surgical procedures are, however, necessary for many oculoplastic conditions. We have facilities for Day Surgery in addition to an In-patient Eye ward.

Examples of operations performed include:

  • lid repositioning surgery
  • electrolysis of in-turning lashes
  • excision of lid lumps
  • excision of lid cancer with reconstruction including skin grafting
  • bypass surgery for blockage of tear ducts: this can be done by either external or endonasal scarless DCR surgery
  • drainage of orbital abscesses
  • repair of lid lacerations
  • orbital floor fracture repair
  • orbital decompression to reduce excessive prominence of the eyes caused by conditions such as thyroid eye disease
  • biopsy of orbital lesions to aid diagnosis
  • evisceration or enucleation (removal of a non-functioning eye to relieve pain or improve cosmesis)

Clinics and Referrals:

BMEC provides a comprehensive oculoplastic, lacrimal and orbital service with a consultant oculoplastic surgeon on-site every day of the week to deal with all clinical matters including emergencies. In addition to the oculoplastic and lacrimal clinics, there is a weekly supra-regional specialist orbital service as well as an on-site artificial eye clinic. We accept referrals from Birmingham, the West Midlands and much further afield for complex oculoplastic and orbital diseases. Apart from BMEC, we also have an Oculoplastic Service at Sandwell Hospital.


Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre

City Hospital

Dudley Road


B18 7QH

Sandwell General Hospital,  Eye Clinic

Lewisham Street


West Bromwich

B71 4HJ


If you would like to get in contact with any part of BMEC, please dial our central number 0121 507 4440.

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