Day Surgery Unit

Day Surgery

Day Surgery Unit, BMEC:

The Day Surgery Unit is based on the first floor of BMEC.

The Unit caters for 4 operating theatres and surgery is scheduled for morning, afternoon and evening lists.

There is a Pre-operative Assessment Clinic held on the Unit which is to assess if patients are fit to have a general anaesthetic. Patients having a local anaesthetic are pre-assessed in the Ophthalmic Out-Patients Department. Please refer to the section on Pre-operative Assessment Clinic for further information.

The Day Surgery Unit is managed by Sister Sarah McCay. There are also experienced ophthalmic nurses, health care assistants and ward clerks on the unit. As we are a teaching hospital there are also student nurses.

The unit deals specifically with patients who require eye surgery and investigations into eye disorders. Surgery includes:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Ocular-plastic surgery
  • Correction of squint
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery
  • Minor lid surgery
  • Laser procedures
  • Avastin / Ozurdex / Triamcinalone injections

The above list is not an exhaustive list of the surgeries carried out on the unit.


Surgical Day Unit, Sandwell General Hospital:

Sandwell SDU is situated off the main corridor in the General Out Patients Department, which is on the 1st floor of the OPD block.

There is a reception desk for patients to book in on arrival. They are then advised to wait at the small waiting area, adjacent to the Endoscopy suite, until called for by the staff nurses from SDU.

Patient Information

Important information:

No make-up or nail varnish should be worn.

On admission patients are asked to bring all prescribed medication including insulin and inhalers.

All patients should bring a dressing gown, slippers and pyjama bottoms (if they have any).

Patients should NOT bring any valuables or large sums of money. Any valuables are placed in a locker and the patient is given the key.

Patients need to be aware that they may be required to return to the unit the day following surgery in order for the medical staff to check how their surgery went.


If you would like to get in contact with any part of BMEC, please dial our central number 0121 507 4440.

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