The car park for BMEC is situated in front of the main entrance. There are several other car parks for patients and visitors at City Hospital and near the main entrance of other hospitals Vehicles are parked at owners’ risk. Spaces for disabled badge holders are at various points around our sites.

The car parks operate a pay on foot facility except for two pay and display car parks at City Hospital. One is directly in front of the Main Entrance for blue badge holders only, and the other is by Hearing Services.


City and Sandwell hospital car park charges:

Up to 15 minutes: free (pay on foot car parks only)

Up to 1 hour: £2.80

Up to 2 hours: £3.90

Up to 3 hours: £4.40

Up to 5 hours: £4.80

Up to 24 hours: £5.30

Rowley Regis Hospital charges:

Up to 15 minutes: free

Up to 6 hours: £2.80

Up to 24 hours: £5.30

There is no charge for motorcyclists who are permitted to park in any designated visitor car park.

Payment can be made by cash and credit / debit cards at all pay on foot and pay and display machines.

Discounted parking charge options:

For regular visitors and patients there are the following discounted parking charge options:

Season tickets:

Three days unlimited parking : £9.20

One week unlimited parking : £18.50

Three months unlimited parking: £43.00

A £5 refundable deposit is required.

Disabled Parking

Parking for Blue Badge Scheme users is free and is located as close to main hospital buildings as possible. Please display your blue badge clearly whilst parked on site and show your blue badge to the camera at the exit barrier to leave.

Patients on benefits:

Patients on a low income who are entitled to qualifying benefits, or receive income support, can claim for reimbursement of bus fare or receive a ticket to allow free exit from hospital car parks. Bring proof of your benefits/income support to one of the following places:

• Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre general office

• Birmingham Treatment Centre reception

• City Hospital Cash Office (ground floor, main corridor, near the Medical Assessment Unit)

• Sandwell General Hospital main reception

• Rowley Regis Hospital main reception

For further information on the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme and to check qualifying benefits, please visit

Frequent Outpatient Attenders

If you attend outpatient appointments three or more times per month for a period of at least three months (eg nine or more appointments per three month period) you can reclaim the cost of your parking. You must ensure that you ask for (and retain) a receipt at the pay station each time you pay for your parking. Once you have reached the nine appointments in three months please take your nine parking receipts and proof of your nine appointments (this might be appointment letters, cards or text messages) to one of the following places to claim your refund:

  • Birmingham Treatment Centre reception
    • Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre general office
    • City Hospital Cash Office (ground floor, main corridor, near the Medical Assessment Unit)
    • Sandwell General Hospital main reception
    • Rowley Regis Hospital main reception

The application form to reclaim can be found here: Frequent Outpatient Attenders parking reclaim form

Parents of sick children staying in hospital overnight

We offer free parking for the parent or guardian of a child or young person, under 18 years of age, who is admitted as an inpatient at hospital overnight. The parent or guardian can receive free parking between the hours of 7.30pm and 8am while visiting the child. This applies to a maximum of two vehicles per child or young person. Please ask a member of staff on the Neonatal or Children’s Wards for your car park exit ticket.

Parking Charge Notices:

Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) may be issued if a vehicle causes an obstruction or if a permit or pay and display ticket isn’t displayed.

Please note:

• Only vehicles displaying a valid blue disabled badge can be parked in a disabled bay.

• Vehicles must be parked in designated parking bays. Vehicles must not be parked on double red/double yellow lines or yellow hatched areas.

• Vehicles must not cause an obstruction, e.g. blocking building entrances, fire access/exit routes, cycle-ways, car park entrances, coned off areas and pavements/footpaths

If a vehicle breaches the Trust parking regulations a notice may be placed on it advising that an additional parking charge will be payable. The date, time, location, violation, vehicle make, model and registration will be recorded, and a photograph will be taken showing the position of the vehicle. The PCN will be attached to the windscreen. Payment of PCNs should be made to a third party contractor by telephone or online. The appeals process and method of payment is detailed on the reverse of the PCN. The PCN is set at £60. If payment is received within 14 days from the date of issue, this will be reduced to £30. After 14 days, the full £60 charge is payable unless an appeal has been lodged within the 14-day period.


Security officers are on duty at City and Sandwell Hospitals 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Intercoms are linked directly to Security from entry/exit barriers and the pay on foot machines. All car parks at City and Sandwell Hospitals are illuminated at night, monitored by CCTV and patrolled regularly by security officers.