Support BMEC

Here’s some examples of areas in BMEC that we’re fundraising for:

1)      Optomap Device – £80,000

We are currently raising money for this piece of equipment and have submitted an application to the Birmingham Eye Foundation for £40K towards the project, that we are quite confident will be successful. The Optomap is a device that enables eye doctors to get an ultra-wide view of the retina (back of the eye). It is painless, quick procedure. The Optomap device supports detection and treatment of diseases of the peripheral retina such as sickle cell retinopahty. It will bring significant benefits to patients being treated at the eye hospital and enable consultants to maximise treatment options for patients. It will also be an invaluable tool for training future eye doctors.

2)      Outpatients Area Refurbishment – £45,000

We have already secured some funding for the project but we require an additional £20,000 to bring it to fruition. This will enable us to adapt the outpatients area from the standard layout to one that is specifically designed for people with visual impairment. This includes altering the signage and having a specialist self-service booking in system to improve efficiency and ensure that patients are not waiting longer than necessary.

3)      Slit Lamp – £18,000

Slit lamps are used to perform examinations of the front of the eye. Slit lamps are a key piece of equipment for ophthalmologists in detecting diseases including cataracts, cornea injury, retinal detachment and a number of other conditions. We have slit lamps as part of the standard provision within the Eye Centre. However, the one that we seek to purchase is the gold standard in this type of equipment.

Some more examples of what money can buy include:

  • funding of research into rare eye conditions
  • providing additional facilities that improve patient facilities such as more comfortable seating in waiting areas, provision of toys for outpatient crèche areas etc
  • assisting patient support groups