A number of portfolio and non-portfolio clinical trials are currently being undertaken at BMEC and the Academic Unit of Ophthalmology. The list is as follows:

Study ID R&D Ref Acronym Current Status Recruitment Target Recruitment to March 31 2012 Recruitment 01 April – 31 August 2012 Recruitment 01 Sept- 30  Nov 2012 No of Patients in Follow-up PI
9966 11OPHT26 Genetic polymorphism and outcome in patients with uveoretinitis Recruiting 60 41 35 40 N/A Murray
10860 11OPHT27 Ocular and Oral Complications of Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recruiting 16 22 15 Rauz
11435 11OPHT28 CO-RADAR Recruiting 4 5 Rauz
5865 RLW1967 EAGLE Recruiting 20 12 12 Sung
4654 RLW1784 Immune mechanisms in the ocular microenvironment Recruiting 1500 537 64 43 N/A Murray
7448 RLW1906 IOSD Recruiting 340 289 5 5 N/A Rauz
10073 10OPHT17 T Cell & Fibroblast Immunology in Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy Recruiting 240 146 17 Durrani
10763 11 OPHT22 MBOSD Recruiting 500 69 21 11 N/A Rauz
10STRO01 Optimisation of the Management of Stroke and TIA Recruiting N/A 4 0 N/A Scott
12582 11OPHT21 Grading Anterior Segment Morphology in Angle Closure Recruiting N/A N/A Siddiqi
12771 11OPHT32 Anterior Segment Morphology in Angle Closure: Birmingham Angle closure Study Recruiting 16 11 Siddiqi
12694 11OPHT34 Electronic Records – User Requirements, Usability and Workflow Impact Recruiting N/A N/A N/A Somner
YES 12OPHT37 Neuroprotection with Phenytoin in Optic Neuritis. PIC N/A N/A N/A N/A Molson
YES 12OPHT38 Endophthalmitis following Vitrectomy PIC N/A N/A N/A N/A Kirkby
4045 RLW1818 IVAN Follow-up 30 24 24 Gibson
RLW1716 The Ocular Surface Microenvironment in Health and in Disease Recruiting 14 1 Rauz
11MISC13 The Role of Clinical Leaders in Implementing a Specialty wide Electronic Patient Record (EPR) System Recruiting 20 Sung
09OPHT02 Genetic Analysis of Dry Eye Syndrome Recruiting
10OPHT12 Anterior Eye Biometry and Cataract Surgery Recruiting 800 S Shah
11OPHT35 Monitoring Neovascular AMD with Perferential Hyperacuity Perimetry (PHP) 21 Gibson
12OPHT43 Birmingham Intervention in Glaucoma (BIG) Study Recruiting Sung
12OPHT44 Patient Expectations of Orbital Decompression Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED): Interview Study Recruiting
RLW1783 Advanced Glaucoma and 11ß-HSD1 – Version 1 On Hold 400 Rauz
RLW1866 Role of Metabolomic Analysis in Glaucoma On Hold Murray
RLW1970 Role of CFH Mutations in Liver and Eye Disease Review only N/A N/A N/A N/A Gibson
10OPHT11 Quality of Life in Age Related Macular Degneration Follow-Up 30 0 Gibson
RLW1448 Fluorescein Conjugated MAb in vivo Assay vs Nested Real Time PCR to Diagnose Herpes Simplex Keratitis Follow-Up 40 S Shah
10OPHT10 Anti-VEGF Treatments for AMD; Effect on Ocular Endothelial Function Awaiting PhD extension Gibson
10OPHT20 Characterising Commotio Retinae: A Retrospective Study Closed N/A N/A N/A N/A Blanch