Oxford Handbook Of Ophthalmology: The Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology was first published in an attempt to meet the needs of trainees as a reference for not only emergency but outpatient ophthalmology, that had both a UK and international focus that tried as far as possible to be evidence and guideline based. It is now one of the most popular ophthalmic handbooks in the UK and internationally for trainees, allied professionals and consultants alike with two international printings, three translations in progress and an American edition planned.

Other Books Published by Consultants from BMEC:

  • Pane A, Burdon M, Miller NR. The Neuro-ophthalmology Survival Guide, 1e: The Survival Guide for Every Opthalmologist. Mosby (2007)
  • Moseley MJ, Murray PI. Beyond the Clinic: Survival Skills for Ophthalmologists. Butterworth Heinemann (2002).
  • Taylor RH, Shah P, Murray PI, Burdon MA. Key Topics in Ophthalmology. BIOS Scientific Publishers Limited (1st edition 1995, 2nd edition 2001).
  • Murray PI, Fielder AR. Pocket Book of Ophthalmology. Butterworth Heinemann (1997).
  • Roper-Hall MJ. Eye Emergencies. Churchill Livingstone (1988).
  • Roper-Hall MJ. Stallard’s Eye Surgery. Elsevier – Health Sciences Division (1989).