Micropathology Ltd., an independent company established by Dr. David Burnett and Dr. Colin Fink, specializes in rapid diagnosis of infectious disease and host responses to infection.

The company is currently based in the University of Warwick Science Park, Coventry.

Currently, the company laboratory plays a major role in the UK transplant population surveillance for infection, serving the NHS through tertiary and specialist referral centres and supplying acute infectious disease diagnoses for NHS hospitals across the UK.

They carry out PCR test for various organisms (bacteria, viruses, acanthamoeba and fungi) which can help aid the diagnosis of various infective conditions and are of great help as a supplement to microbiology to identify the causative organism. It is important to give as much clinical information as possible.


How to take a sample:

Conjunctival / Corneal Swab: A dry swab should be swiped against the ocular surface from where the sample is required. The dry swab is placed in the dry sterile container. The special form accompanying the container should be used for the request.

Alternatively, a corneal impression cytology may be taken. Alternatively, a corneal impression cytology may be taken. Sterile, pre-packed Millipore filters are available from outpatients. These are applied to the anaesthetised cornea and then sent in a sterile universal container. Their use and application should be discussed with the corneal team

Aqueous / Vitreous sample: These samples should be sent in a syringe but please ensure that the needle is discarded before sending the sample.


How to send the sample:

After the sample is drawn, please contact Manjit Gill, Tissue Co-ordinator, to send the sample to Micropathology. If she is on leave, please contact Kate Martin.

Manjit Gill – 0121 507 6701

Kate Martin – 0121 507 6849

The laboratory is fully staffed Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:30. Samples can also be sent on Saturday morning and these will be processed on the next Monday.


Micropathology Ltd

Venture Centre

University of Warwick Science Park

Sir William Lyons Road



United Kingdom


Tel: 02476 323222

Fax: 02476 323333