Human Tissue Authority Co-ordinator

The main purpose of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Coordinator role is:

  • to carry out human tissue traceability activities that have legal implications under the Human Tissue Act 2004, which involves the assurance that all human tissue received for any scheduled activity in particular transplantation, is appropriately designated a unique tissue identifying code and tracked on in-house hardcopy and electronic systems
  • to ensure that the correct paperwork/electronic databases are completed on receipt of human tissues for transplantation purposes and that tissue are stored appropriately according to type
  • to ensure that the correct tissue is utilised for the intended patient/purpose, and all tissue surplus to primary requirement (e.g. transplantation) is appropriately disposed of and tracked, to enable a complete traceability audit
  • to observe and record vital parameters of specialist storage equipment designated for storage of human tissues and back-up systems so that malfunction is detected early, and potential recipients are not put at risk.

The HTA Coordinator is also responsible for coordination and dispatch of ophthalmological diagnostic specimens to specialised laboratories throughout the UK and maintenance of the BMEC archived pathological specimen tissue library, the microsurgical training laboratory and the research laboratories. These laboratories are a vital component of specialist training of junior doctors.


Contact details:

Manjit Gill

Tel: 0121 507 6701

Kate Martin

Tel: 0121 507 6849