Pre-Operative Assesment

AssesmentPre-Operative Assessment is a clinic run at BMEC and in Sandwell General Hospital for patients undergoing surgery.

Pre-Operative Assessment can take place on the day of you signing your consent form or an appointment may be made for you to return on another day.


Pre-op assesmentBMEC:

Patients having surgery under a Local Anaesthetic will attend the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic in Area 4 of the outpatient department of BMEC.

Patients having surgery under a General Anaesthetic will have a Pre-Operative Assessment done on the first floor of BMEC at the Day Surgery Unit.


Patient Information

What happens during your Pre-Operative Assessment?

On the day of your Pre-Operative Assessment, you will see a member of the nursing team.

The Nurse will ask you about your health and identify any health issues you may have. You will also be asked about any history of previous operations or anaesthesia you may have had.

The nurse will ask you about your regular medications that you may be  taking. Once the medications have been seen, the nurse will inform you of any pre-op instructions you may to follow prior to your surgery (i.e. stopping certain medications for a period of time.)

During your Pre-Operative Assessment the nurse will check your blood pressure, blood glucose, urine and will take a MRSA swab to obtain your MRSA status.

If you are undergoing cataract surgery, measurements of your eyes will be taken to calculate the size of implant that will be inserted in your eye during surgery. This is called Biometry.

Once the Pre-Operative Assessment is completed, you will be given the chance to ask the nurse any questions you may have regarding your surgery or hospital admission.

Please ensure that on the day of your Pre-Operative Assessment you bring all the medication you are currently taking, as well as any glasses you are currently wearing.


If you would like to get in contact with any part of BMEC, please dial our central number 0121 507 4440.

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