Oct 21st 2013

Mitchell undergoes first trial at new research centre

Eleven year old Mitchell Chambers is the first patient to participate in a clinical trial at the BMEC’s new Clinical Research Facility.

After undergoing cataract removal at a young age, Mitchell developed glaucoma in both eyes.

In 2005 and 2006, Mitchell underwent successful glaucoma tube implant surgeries to both of his eyes at the Birmingham Midland Eye Centre to prevent the eye pressure from becoming dangerously high, which can cause total blindness if left untreated.

Following the operation, Mitchell requires additional medication to keep this pressure under control.

Mr Velota Sung, Clinical Director of Ophthalmology, has invited Mitchell to participate in the first clinical trial to be run at the new clinical research facility.

The research is part of Alcon’s international multi-centre clinical trial for paediatric glaucoma and will compare the effectiveness and safety of existing glaucoma eye drops.

Over a three month period, two different medications will be tested with regular monitoring by Mr. Sung and Research Nurses, Ranjit Gidda and Sue Southworth.

Mr Sung said: “We are really pleased that with the opening of the new research facility at the eye hospital we are able to contribute to international research into sight threatening conditions.

“Over the coming months we hope to recruit more participants for Alcon’s trial who are aged between 0 to 18 years old to increase our understanding of paediatric glaucoma and how we can treat it successfully.”