Sep 25th 2013

Eye centre is first in UK to host innovative new procedure

stent3Following the success of trialling the UK’s first glaucoma hydrus stent surgery earlier this year, the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (BMEC) has forged ahead with another first in glaucoma surgery.

Mr Imran Masood, Consultant Ophthalmologist, is the first in the UK to perform the new ‘Glaukos Supra-choroidal Stent’ procedure as part of an international study.

Glaucoma is a condition associated with an increase in the pressure within the eye. This condition can gradually lead to permanent loss of sight because of damage to the nerve that connects the eye to t
he brain (optic nerve).

The innovative procedure involves inserting the new stent device directly into the space that lies beneath the lining of the eye ball, called the supra-choroidal space, resulting in a significant reduction in eye pressure for adult patients with glaucoma.

Patient, Patrick Holloway, who was operated on as part of the innovative procedure, said: “I have had glaucoma for 22 years, and was still a merchant navy officer when I first experienced typical glaucoma symptoms. My local optometrist sent me straight to the Birmingham eye centre after noting high pressure in my eyes, and I have been in their care ever since.

“After a few years keeping the glaucoma under control with eye drops, I had an operation to keep the pressure in one eye down. The BMEC team have always been meticulous in keeping my sight working, and I had no worries at being one of the first patients in this country to undergo a pioneering glaucoma procedure. My vision is better and I look forward to returning to work and following my other interests. Without the operation this may not have been possible.”

Mr Masood is a leading expert in glaucoma and has extensive experience in the area of micro-invasive glaucoma surgery using the i-stent. He is nationally renowned for bringing innovative techniques, as part of global studies, to support patients living with glaucoma.

Mr Masood has already become the first in the West Midlands to host i-stent surgery and the first in the UK to perform hydrus stent surgery.

Mr Masood said: “We are very proud at BMEC to continue to lead the way nationally in innovative and safer glaucoma surgical techniques. The supra-choroidal space is a natural low pressure space within the eye and these new stents tap into this to lower the eye pressure, and prevent further visual loss due to glaucoma.”

Our patient, Mr Holloway, presented with a cataract and uncontrolled glaucoma. On reviewing him the day after surgery his vision was improved, with a lowered eye pressure. I am delighted with the way surgery has gone.”

It is anticipated that in the future more patients will be offered these micro-invasive treatment options earlier in the disease process and as an alternative to other types of surgical glaucoma treatments which carry greater risk.