Jun 18th 2020

COVID-19: Injections Information & Guidance When At BMEC (Updated: 16/07)


IVT injections have continued throughout the COVID-19 crisis due to the importance that these patients receive this treatment to avoid irreversible sight loss.

If you are due to have an appointment related to receiving an injection please do attend. For any inquiries please call the BMEC helpline on 0121 507 4440.


In order to maintain safety for both patients and staff we have in place across Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust various social distancing measures.

These include:

• Only having essential face to face contacts – lots of general consultations across the Trust have become virtual, either taking place via phone or video call

• Restricting visiting to reduce the number of people in the hospital (please see separate guidance on this).

• Screening patients for symptoms of COVID-19 when they enter the eye hospital –patients who report COVID-19 symptoms are seen in isolation, using separate facilities.

• Patients are offered masks on entry. These are a requirement to access the site.

• Patients are asked to sanitise their hands on entry, and throughout their time in the hospital. You will find dispensers on the walls throughout the building.

• Some areas of seating have been temporarily removed or taped off to enhance social distancing.

Please abide by any guidance supplied when on our sites, all measures are necessary to keep facilities and services operational and are for the benefit of everyone.


If you’re concerned about attending your hospital eye clinic appointment during coronavirus, the RNIB has created a short film. It features three Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) offering their tips on how to prepare, what to bring and what you might expect to happen when you arrive, along with alternatives to attending in person.  Additional information can be found here.