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The Trust has always endeavored to offer work experience opportunities to young people. Now we are pleased to announce that from July 2012 we will activate a new work experience policy which offers work experience placements and career taster sessions through schools, colleges and Job Centre Plus.

The scheme will be centrally administered, offering the most equitable possible access to opportunities. Additionally the scheme will be fully insured for the benefit and protection of both the candidate and the host.

The minimum age for participation is 14, although the lower age limit for access to clinical wards is 16. Certain activities like access to maternity wards, areas with radiological equipment or controlled medicines requires a minimum age of 18. There is no maximum age for inclusion on the work experience scheme.

Participation is not limited to clinical disciplines; work experience opportunities may also be available in administrativ

Students who want to visit BMEC for clinical work experience, please contact Marion Butler with your CV and a covering letter written to the consultant. Once approved by the consultant and a start date has been finalized, you will be provided with an identity badge on your start date, which must be worn within the trust premises at all times.e, finance, IT and clerical roles, along with building & grounds maintenance, electrical engineering, passenger transport, catering and much more.


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