Visual Function


The Department was founded in 1974 by Dr Peter Good who remains as its Head of Department. The Department was originally called the Retina Department, and provided research into retinal disease. The Department then became an Ocular Electrophysiology Department providing Visual Evoked Potentials and Electroretinography as well as visual fields. The Department also provided a Clinical Genetics Service under the guidance of Professor James Crews and Professor Sarah Bundey.

Present Day:

The Visual Function Department is one of Europe’s largest Paediatric and Adult Electrophysiology units, providing a full range of electrodiagnostic tests to patients referred from the Midlands and Wales. The Department also provides a Regional Clinical Genetics Service in paedietric and adult inherited disorders.

As well as Ocular Electrophysiology the department specialises in ocular ultrasound including ultrabiomicroscopy (UBM) and high frequency posterior segment ultrasound. The Department also provides other imaging investigations included anterior and posterior segment OCT and corneal topography. Specialist colour vision tests, contrast sensitivity investigations, and visual fields are also performed.

The Department is committed to Research and Development and undergoes research into rare diseases, and trauma, as well as angle closure Glaucoma.


The Department is headed by Dr Peter Good who is also an Honorary Professor at Tongren Hospital University of Beijing. There is also an NIHR Research Fellow, and 3 Technicians. The Genetics service is under the care of Mr John Ainsworth (Paediatrics) and Miss Lucy Butler (Adults), with Consultant Clinical Geneticist Dr Denise Williams.


Secretary to Dr Good – Angela Swainsbury Tel: 0121 507 6799
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