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Glaucoma is generally a condition with raised eye pressure causing damage to the optic nerve and subsequent permanent loss of vision. It affects over 2% of Caucasian population over 40 years old and 4% over 80 years old. It is the second leading cause of blindness in the world.

The Glaucoma Service at BMEC is one of the leading glaucoma services in UK. The BMEC glaucoma consultants have particular expertise in complex glaucoma management including childhood glaucoma, uveitic glaucoma and complex angle closure glaucoma.


The service also has state of the art diagnostic service providing advanced glaucoma imaging including OCT optic disc imaging, high definition ultrasound scan for angle closure and childhood glaucoma.


We offer a full range of treatments from medical treatment, selective laser trabeculoplasty to advanced glaucoma surgeries. The service is at the forefront of innovation in glaucoma surgeries including glaucoma tube implant surgery, minimally invasive angle surgery, complex angle closure cataract surgery, endoscopic laser and endoscopic cataract surgery.

Subspecialist expertise is provided in all forms of glaucoma diagnosis and management, in particular paediatric glaucoma, complex cataract surgery, angle-closure glaucoma and uveitic glaucomas. In addition, there is expertise in angle surgery, all forms of drainage surgery, and cutting edge glaucoma laser treatment.

Innovative ways of providing care are also utilised such as Glaucoma Monitoring Clinics by specially trained nurses and orthoptists who are supported by the consultants.

Clinics and Referrals:

The service provides highly specialised tertiary referral service for West Midlands and further afield. A consultant-led service provides outpatient and inpatient care for both the local population in the West Midlands and beyond. Apart from BMEC, we also have a Glaucoma Service at Sandwell Hospital.


Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre

City Hospital

Dudley Road


B18 7QH

Sandwell General Hospital, Eye Clinic

Lewisham Street


West Bromwich

B71 4HJ


Three consultant ophthalmic surgeons subspecialising in glaucoma are supported by an associate specialist, two senior glaucoma fellows, a junior research fellow and ophthalmic specialist trainees. Consultants: Mr Velota Sung Mr Maged Nessim Mr Imran Masood (Service Director)


BMEC: Secretary to Mr Masood – Angela Minto Tel: 0121 507 6800   Secretary to Mr Sung – Lucy Johnson Tel: 0121 507 6855   Secretary to Mr Nessim – Anna Beckett Tel: 0121 507 6833   Sandwell General Hospital Secretary to Mr Nessim – Julie Lukic Tel: 0121 507 3139   Glaucoma Co-ordinator: Tel: 0121 507 6705  
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