Change a Surgery Appointment

If you need to change your surgery appointment, please call the telephone number on your appointment letter or one of the numbers below, depending on who your consultant is.

Please give as much notice as possible so we can offer your original appointment slot to someone else.



1. Tracy (Team Leader) – 0121 507 6755

Mr M Burdon

Mr N Glover

Mr I Masood

Mr P McDonnell

Prof S Shah

Mr V Sung

2. Jo – 0121 507 6793

Mr S El-Sherbiny

Mr P McDonnell

Mr A Murray

3. Priya – 0121 507 6834

Mr A Aralikatti

Mr Y Ghosh

Mr K Lett

Prof P Murray

Mr M Nessim (BMEC and Sandwell Lists)

Ms S Rauz

Prof P Shah

Mr A Sharma

Mr M Quinlan (Sandwell List)

4. Janice Summers – 0121 507 6792

Mr A Mitra

Ms B Mushtaq

Prof R Scott

Ms C Sullivan

Mr S Aggarwal (Sandwell List)

Mr J Al-Ibrahim (Sandwell List)

Mr D Cheung (Sandwell List)

5. Karen Stocks – 0121 507 6790

Ms L Butler

Ms R Ford

Mr A Jacks

Mrs P Lip

Ms Y Stavrou

Mr A Tyagi (BMEC and Sandwell Lists)

6. Nyree – 0121 507 4067

Emergency retinal operations only