Our Consultants

As a world-class institution, BMEC prides itself on the quality of care provided by its consultants.  Many of our consultants are internationally renowned for leading-edge research and care innovation
Mr S P Aggarwal Glaucoma
Mr J Ainsworth Paediatric Ophthalmology
Ms Lidia Alvarez Neuro-ophthalmology
Mr A Aralikatti Cornea and A&E
Mr A J Ghauri Paediatric Ophthalmology
Mr R Chavan Medical Retina and A&E
Mr D Cheung Oculoplasty
Miss Erika Damato Uveitis & Medical Retina
Mr B Das (Locum) Medical Retina
Mr S Elsherbiny Medical Retina
Mr Y Ghosh Oculoplasty and A&E
Mr KS Lett Vitreo-retina and A&E
Mrs P-L Lip Medical Retina
Mr I Masood Glaucoma
Mr T Matthews Neuro-ophthalmology
Mr P McDonnell Cornea Surgery
Mr A Mitra Vitreo Retina, Medical Retina and A&E
Mr A Murray Oculoplasty
Professor P Murray Uveitis / Behcet’s
Ms B Mushtaq Medical Retina and Community
Mr M Nessim Glaucoma and A&E
Mr P Pandey Glaucoma and A&E
Mr M Quinlan Cornea
Miss S Rauz Inflammatory Eye Diseases and Immunosuppression
Professor S Shah Cornea
Professor P Shah Glaucoma
Mr A Sharma Vitreo-retina
Miss Elisa Carreras Vitreo-retina and A&E
Miss C Sullivan Oculoplasty
Mr V Sung Glaucoma
Mr A Tyagi Vitreo-retina
Prof Yit Yang Medical Retina


  1. Dr D Williams


  1. Dr A Sivaguru


  1. Dr R D Situnayake


  1. Mr A Denniston
  2. Mr N Glover
  3. Mr M Hero
  4. Mr M Woodcock